Info Required for VAT Setup.

Hi All,

My Customer requirement to see his VAT revceivable and payables break-up % wise.

For example

VAT Payables % are

12% etc…

in Chart of Accounts he wanted to see the VAT amount in front of each %.

Kindly help me in this, how I can do a setup so Navision can take care of the scenario and updates the respectice VAT % in Chart of Account

You can accomplish that with posting groups.
In Vat Posting Groups you fill the combination of Vat business posting group with Vat Product posting group. For each combination you setup respective G/L Accounts.

You can see a sample of that setup in cronus database.


My opinion is Create a Seperate VAT Account for each % in Chart of Accounts and link it through Posting groups

In VAT Product posting Set up

Give as follows




and the combination of the above percentage with the Business Posting Group

Note : You will be able to calculate the VAT only if u have VAT Identifier

Hope this is correct