Info Parts with totals - How do it?

Hello, everyone.

These are my first steps in programming in AX.
That’s why I am asking for help.
Can anyone tell me how to do it?

I need Info Parts with totals that were filtered in the grid. That is, only the sum based on the filter in the grid can be take to sum.

could u plz provide some screen shots

Create a copy of the query (yourTable_ds.queryRun().query()) and modify it by adding SUM aggregation function to your column. Create a new QueryRun for the new query, run it, take the result and assign it to the control for Total.

Run this logic from executeQuery().

I do not have any screenshots, I have a table in where is reception and release of packaging (box, euro pallet etc) for warehose. And I would like to get information how many packages were delivered, how much packaging was release warehose.
And I need to get a filter for the type of packaging and the number of warehose from greed (I need sum of package which is showed in current grid)