Info on Navision 4.0

Does anyone know of sources for info on changes and new features that will be in version 4.0? Microsoft’s PartnerSource doesn’t seem to have much, or maybe I just don’t know where to look…? Thanks, Chandler

This article is a few weeks old (,4149,1556268,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594) it basically says that Navision 4 will look and feel like Outlook. Yonis

Yes, Navision will have Navigation pane looking like one in Office 2003. End users will be able to add their own shortcuts. There are also some visual changes to Order forms, etc.

just found this one in a partnersource mail:


Microsoft Business Solutions – Navision Business Notification We are happy to announce that Microsoft Navision Business Notification will be released with Microsoft Navision 4.0. Microsoft Navision Business Notifications is functionality with Microsoft Navision that gives customers the ability to automatically send notifications and alerts both internally (to employees) and externally (to suppliers, customers and other business partners). These alerts and notifications are sent via emails, based on business rules set-up within Microsoft Navision. Microsoft Business Notifications helps customers monitor potential deviation of their business processes or status change within their Microsoft Business Solution.

Additionally there will be some Intracompany functionality but as the release date is still “far away”, I guess you’ll have to be patient. Saludos Nils

I thought that this was already partly in place in NA 3.70 in a hotfix?

In the netherlands, each NSC ahs received a presentation of the changes in 4.0. In short: user experience: outlook 2003 look and feel Shorcuts (personalization) View graphs within navision Product enhancements: Commerce Gateway, new functionality and support of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Supply Chain Management simplicity improvements User Setup Toolkit XML I/O New ODBC Driver Smart Tag as part of solution Partner Tools: Updating Navision Developers Toolkit Data Migration Tool Industry Templates Improved installation services Improved designers Programming Self-study Course Solution Developers Instructor-led Course Finance area: Intercompany posting IAS – Statement of Compliance (legal requirements) Consolidation Modifications – SFAS 52/IAS 21 (legal requirements) Partial Payment Unapply Reversal Postings Plus: simple manufacturing will be added and the navision portal will replace commerce portal and the user portal, and is expected to be provided in share point web parts… Can’t wait to see it, W1 is expected this month, dutch localisation in october / november…