Info on Average cost by Location

Hi, We are implementing a project where they require to have an average cost by location. Does anybody have information on how this works and how do we set this up? Regards.

Have a look in the inventory set-up file, “Average Cost Calc. Type” field. From the help:


The options are: Item. If this option is selected, the program calculates one average cost per item in the company. Item & Location & Variant. If this option is selected, the program calculates an average cost per item for each location and for each variant of the item in the company. This means that the average cost of this item depends on where it is stored and which variant (for example, which colour) of the item you have selected. Warning You must choose the type of method very carefully during setup, because if you change the contents of this field, all entries concerning items with costing method Average will have to be readjusted. This may take several hours if your database is large.