Info on Add Ons

Hi All, If an NSC wants to develop an ADD ON, what are the pre-requisites/ procedure/process. Should the NSC take any permission from the NTR??. Awaiting your responses. Warm Regards Jyothi Mohan

Hi Jyothi, it really depends on your goals. If you want to release an authorized product world wide, then you must work with your NTR. If you just want to create an Add-On for a few of your own clients, there is no need. If you want to distribute to other Indian NSCs, you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Firstly do you really want to produce a Navision Add-On? Maybe its really a Vertical, or is is just a group of mods that you believe you can then go out and sell? An Add-On is a piece of generic functionality that will allow a Navision user to perform a particular function without regard to their industry. One very successfull Add-On for Navision was Fixed Assets, as was Manufacturing, Service Manager, NaviMarketing, Advanced Distribution etc. (These are all now owned by Navision and a part of the base product). Then there are verticals, these are market areas that allow you as an NSC to sell Navision directly against product designed to do a specific job, such as Rental Managment or Pebblestone Fashion. Certifying an Add-On for Navision measn a lot of work, and more importantly a lot of support and maintinece for years to come. To start, get the requirements form Navision, and see where it goes. But remember that Add-On development is a serious long term commitment, and will seriously drain resources from your implementation efforts.

Hi David, Thanx for the reply, we would like to develop an Add-on rather than a vertical. Regards Jyothi Mohan

What is the Add-On you want to develop?

Well, it depends on : what market are you targetting , what skillsets do you have with in your company. what is the scope of the add on / vertical. Its always recommended to let your NTR know what you have developed as they are the ones who provide you leads on the basis of what you have in your kitty. Also you need to ask for a range of developer objects for your self after you have developed the add on to secure your product. Cheers, Sharan.