Info: C/SIDE Release Versions

For those wanting to know which version stamps correspond to which c/side releases, here is a list. This only includes releases where any of fin.exe, finsql.exe, ndbcs.dll, dbm.dll, slave.exe or server.exe were changed, and of course major releases. Also, this has nothing to do with application hotfixes. Attain 3.01 RTM 24-07-2001 Attain 3.01A RTM 09-08-2001 HF 1 10-09-2001 Attain 3.01B RTM 23-10-2001 HF 1 15-11-2001 HF 2 29-11-2001 Attain 3.10A RTM 25-02-2002 HF 4 29-04-2002 HF 6 07-08-2002 HF 7 09-08-2002 HF 10/12 19-12-2002 Attain 3.60 RTM 26-07-2002 HF 9 21-11-2002 HF 11 29-11-2002 HF 13 19-12-2002 HF 15 13-01-2003 HF 17 09-04-2003 HF 21 23-07-2003 HF 23 01-09-2003 HF 28 13-10-2003 Navision 3.70 RTM 19-05-2003 HF 3 17-07-2003 HF 5 02-09-2003 HF 10 13-10-2003 HF 12 17-11-2003 Navision 3.70A RTM 01-03-2004 Navision 3.70B RTM 12-10-2004 Update 1 14-12-2004 Navision 4.0 RTM 17-09-2004 HF 1 28-12-2004 Update 1 10-01-2005 Navision 4.1 RTM 05-10-2005

Hi, Thanks for the good info. One question, I can’t seem to find HF12 that you mention for NA3.70…

This one has some localization impact so may not be available in all locations yet.

what build-no. is 4.00 at at this moment?!? :wink:

4.0 is not released - or was that a joke?

just kidding… as indicated by “;-)” I thought, that YOU should know the build…

Thanks Robert, Your postings are always helpfull and very enlightning! [:)] This is very helpfull. I would just hope that MBS whould be opening up so that - if not all Navision customers - then at least the ones with their own certified employees - would get access to this kind of information directly. Isn’t that what CustomerSource is for?

Customer source is still only Great Plains.

David, I know that! But therefor we still wish to have Navision included here…

From what they said at tech 2003, its on they way.

Update for Navision 3.70B: Update 1 10-03-2005

Forgot that one - have updated the list now. Thanks.

Added 4.0 SP1 to the list.

I still wonder if the 666 in the build number of 4.0 SP1 is a coincidence or some kind of treat from an Ozzy Osbourne/Iron Maiden and the like fan… [:D]

Hello, there is already a hotfix for navision 4.00 sp1 available. version: from 02-01-2006

Simon thanks for the info.

Simon thanks for the update. Maybe robert can add to his original list.

I have avoided adding hotfixes since they have become so numerous now and are usually released to solve a particular customer problem (not that they dont benefit many suffering from the same problem, it’s just they are off my radar). I will continue to add SP releases though.

Maybe we could start Hot fixes as a seperate thread.

hello, what about 4.0 sp2: version from 20/01/2006