Influence of work date on planning.

Hi, Can anybody explain the significance of work date in Production Planning? Has it got any influence on planning(when you run Planning Worksheet) and scheduling of Production/Purchase Orders? Thanks in advance.

Hi, When you Run Planning Worksheet, “Order Date” and “Ending date” are considered and not the “Work Date”. Best Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hi, What I ideally would like the system to do is to start considering the capacities of the Resources(Work Center and Machine Centers) from the working date. Now it so happening that when you run the planning worksheet the Production Orders are being scheduled in the past as compared to the workdate(if calender is available) otherwise an error that “The calender is not available” is being thrown. In case it is not possible to schedule from the working date to meet the due dates of the demands(Sales order and/or Forecast), then system should provide a message that not possible to meet the due dates and should start forward scheduling. Can you suggest any remedy for this? Thanks in advance.

Hi, Just put a filter on the starting date (< TODAY) and you will see all lines that are scheduled in the past. When you refresh those lines you can schedule forwards.

Hi, The are two ways in navision for planning orders (backwards-forwards). Take a look in which way are you planning. Furthermore, we have implemented a finite capacity scheduler for MBS-Navision, the FCS. This module, widely used, will start working on working date and, in the new version FCS.Net you can also setup start working when required. Please go to our site, and download the demo and information to see how it works, very easy and fast. Best regards, Susana

HI Workdate has no influence onProduction Planning but it is Start/End date of planning Worksheets and all based on Forward/Backward flushing for production orders with start/END DateTime for Production orders.