Influence of Purchase Lead Time

Hi All, Consider a scenerio where one of the Prod BOM item is Purchased(and not stocked) and Its lead time is quite long, say 365D. There is a sales order for the end item and when you run the planning worksheet from Manufacturing area to plan for the End Item involving above long lead item, system does not consider the Lead Time and simply plans based on the due-date of the Sales Order and the capacity required based on the Routing. However, in reality you can not start production unless you recive the Long Lead Item. Has anybody come across similar situation and got any better solution? Thanks. Vijay.

Hi And when you run the planning worksheet for the purchased item does it tell you you should have orderded it 365 days ago? [:D]

If you use capable to promise in the sales order, then it should tell you that you can’t supply until 12 months hence. If you accept CTP then this will change the date on the sales order line. The planning worksheet will tell you to raise a purchase order today for the component, and a production order for the item. In company information you may also need to adjust the check availability period calculation to >365 days, and you may need to set the component to critical.

Vijay: I have never come across this issue. I can tell you that running MRP, the Purchased Item will tell you it should have been ordered 365 Days ago, based on the Due Date for Shipment, on the Sales Order. Since this could never had occurred, your Users should use Capable-to-Promise and make sure that you mark this Item and any other Items with long lead times, to CRITICAL (On Item Card/Planning Tab). This will, at a minimum, tell the Sales Order folks that the Item can not be delivered until x date, since the Purchased part is not in stock.

Thanks to all.

I tried the following setup for CTP but there is no output. 1) Parent Item : Production time 1 day 2) Child Item: Purchase lead time 30 days 3) Child item: ticked as critical 4) Company information: check availability period information as 1 year. While running CTP system is only considering 1 day and is not taking into account purchase lead time for child item. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Hi Abhay Does the parent have a routing? I just created a parent with a child where the child is flagged as critical with a lead time of 30 days and in the production bom the child is the only line. I have zero stock of both. I then load a sales order with an original shipment date of 30/01/01 and it tells me the earliest shipment date is 06/03/01. My check available period is 90D with a time bucket of 1W.