Industry Templates: Problem importing table 344

Im using navision 4.0 and the industry templates. Importing the industry mapping and industry data works fine. But when I import data from the file furniture questionnaire the following message appears when importing data to table 344: Field no. 25 is not defined in the setup checklist line table In the questionnaire there are only 15 fields and in navision there are 24 fields in table 344. so I dont understand why navision wants to make a 25th field. The data in navision will be overwritten by the data of the questionnaires. So why must there be a 25th field, when there are only used 15 fields? When i remove all the data (the 15 fields) of the table 344 in the questionnaire, and import the file again the same message appears. Has anyone had this problem too? How can I solve this problem?