Industry Solutions

Hi, Industry Solutions are vital for success of Navision is India. What do you think?

Yes, They are.Because in India as you know business processes differ a lot even in the same kind of industries. Also, Navision is a late entrant in the indian market.People here need to feel that Naviasion has something additional to offer them compared to others. Even SME poeple compare our solutions to the likes of SAP, BaaN & JDEdwards.Though they know they do not need & cannot afford such kinds. Also, developement in Navision can be fast compared to bigger products because the amount of customisation required is less.SME business processes are not that complicated. Looking at all this, What is needed is a compete line up of industry specific solutions available off the shelf for the INdian customers. this can really boost off Navision products in India. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Very Good Thought by you Dharmendra. I will to say the same, but u can do more than it, i know. so best of luck. regards vaibhav

Navision is over an year now in India, and i’m seeing lot of Addons on the way from NSCs. Has anyone gone through the Add-on catalogue to find out how much % of existing Add-ons do fit the requirement of Indian Market.


Originally posted by Rahimuddin
Navision is over an year now in India, I’d like to know more about this, how long has navision been in India? some of the seniors have been writing about their experience in India three to four years back. Infact payroll had been mentioned as inroduced quite a while ago. sorry to divert a bit from the main issu. [:I]

Work on Navision Products (Attain) as per my knowledge is back from three years. Cuz i too spoke with my seniors, they too say three years. It may be outsourcing, but as Navision India is two years old we can take it as two years. tell me if i am wrong. with best regards vaibhav

Hi Stephanie, Navision setup a regional office in India over a year and then came flourishing the Solution Centers spread all over now. But earlier i.e, more than 3 yrs back it was Connect-IT in Bangalore which was part of Naviworld group who were dealing with Navision. I can’t be sure if it was the only Solution Center at that point of time.

HI all, Indeed Naviworld Group / Connect IT was the first NSC in India since december '98. And that where I started my journey into the Navision World and currently in singapore. We had made the localisation Pack and served many sites in India. There was also NEC which was doing development work for Navision. It is great to see that there are lot more new NSC’s in India and Navision India itself. It will be great to have Navision India for support of issues regarding Navision Pricing which is critical for sales in India.

hi Prashanth thanks for the information. we need to build information on the history of navision in india. This is my thought. i request that Seniors like you & Mohammad should guide us, as u people have much more exp. here & abroad. Gives tips what should be the approach, the start & the implementation methodology to follow specific to indian eviornment. hope to get your guidence. wish u all the best vaibhav

I may be late in making the comment here but as far as Navision history in India goes, Euroinfo has been on the scene for the past 5+ years, both in Navision and Axapta: ofcourse as associate of Navision UK. We lived through the tumultous times of product overhaul by Navision Fin, buying Damgaard out, Navision India coming in and then shift to 3.0 to 3.01 to 3.10 and so on, , being taken over ultimately by MBS. Times have been good and bad and now we really hope to see a resurgent approach in product positioning. May be the time has come… Amit