Individual Price with BOM

Hello, I’d like to do the following with Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC:

I have an item, ‘Android’ with a sales price of 100,- net. and no inventory quantity (and no inventory booking allowed)

This item is a BOM with the following items:

1 x ‘Android Head’, 25,- net. , (we have 10 in stock)
4 x ‘Android Limb’ 14,- net each (we have 150 in stock)
1 x ‘Android Body’ 35,- net (we have 1 in stock)

If i sell the items separate the sales price is: 116,- net.

The item ‘Android’ has to been looked at as a bundle. If I sell the bundle and expand the BOM in a sales order i want Navision to achieve the following:

Total sales price 100,- (instead of 116) and each piece should booked out of the inventory so after I’ve created an invoice the inventory of the items should be:

Head: 9 (previously 10)
Limb: 146 (previously 150)
Body: 0 (previosly 1)

Thank you

I suggest creating a KIT for the bundle and then enter the sales price for that item

The individual items will then have sales prices as you want

So, how do I create a KIT?

I created the Article “Android” and in the Item card i want to Assembly List → Bill of Materials and added the three items. But how do I create a KIT?

On the help site of Microsoft: “Kitting is the ability to add a bunch of articles together, e.g. Gift Package” But there is no tutorial/how to how i create such a kit in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Second Part, how does it work in the sale?

When i have a sales order, do i use the item-number of the BOM-item or do i explode the BOM-item? or will i have to use the separate item-numbers of the part-items. What will be posted to inventory, invoice, sales line?

Will i have to “create” the kit in the first place with the BOM Journal? Is there a “on the fly” solution? e.g: we have 10 arms, 2 heads and 50 bodies on stock. We can sell each of them or we can send max. two item bundles (the lowest stock of the parts) ?

To create the kit, the item card will have a fast tab labeled Kitting, you may have to pull this in from the customization of the page if you do not see this. Create a new KIT Bom number from there and it should flow smoothly for you to finalize the kit.

Depending on which item you are selling is what should be on the sales order, for instance if you are selling the android bundle then use that item number and use the item numbers for the individual components if that is what you are selling.

I have the following FastTabs available:

Page 30 Item Card:

Foreign Trade,
Item Tracking,

Kitting is not part of the German NAV 2009 release - it was introduced in NAV 2013. In the NA Version kitting has been around for a long time.

So seeing that you are in Germany I assume you are using the German NAV Version. Which means you will have to consider downgrading the functionality from NAV 2013 or consider another way of handling this.

So which “other way of accomplish it” do you recommend. As I see it, a key feature is missing in our software, so I need a workaround or an add-on.

I guess downgrading the feature from NAV 2013 is not an option.