Indirect Permissions Headache

I have a table that contain To Do items by user and approver. When an approver logs in I want the following code behind the Main Menu form: ChngCtrl.RESET; ChngCtrl.SETRANGE(Completed,TRUE); ChngCtrl.SETRANGE(Approve,FALSE); ChngCtrl.SETFILTER(“To Be Approved By”,USERID); IF ChngCtrl.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN FORM.RUN(50188); END; A small form pops up showing that the user has items that need his or her approval. This works fine except: I do not want all users launching this form or the associated forms that go along with this system so I do not want to issue any Read permissions. (Basically all users who will need this function are super users) So if a data entry operator logs in, the code will fire but it should just move on… I set the Main Menu form to have Read Permissions to the ChngCtrl table and I gave indirect read permission to the ALL role. When anyone other than a Super User logs in they receive a Read Permission error. Shouldn’t this work? Am I interpreting Indirect permissions wrong? Thanks

I think you would have to assign the Indirect permissions to the Menu to read that table as well. A better solution might be add the lines IF ChngCtrl.READPERMISSION THEN BEGIN … Your Code … END; This would only execute your code when the user has the correct rights to the ChngCtrl Table.

DUH. I totally missed the boat on that. I forgot about READPERMISSION function.