Indirect manufacturing costs seperately

Hi Experts,

Indirect manufacturing costs are all maufacturing costs considerered to be part of the cost object ,

But that cannot be individually traced to the costs object in an economically feasible way.

But my client is asking all these costs seperately that is
Power, supplies, indirect materials, manufacturing labor, plant rent, plant insurance, property taxes…
We commited with our client to do above requirements.
So Manufacturing experts functinal consultants, developers, throw u r valuable suggestions .
Which codeunits i need to change and how to change.
Give some functional suggestions. How to solve this.
Elaborate this issue.

thanks and regards d'oh!

I guess that you are a developer, and that some sales person just told the client what ever the client wanted to hear so that they would buy from you.

You must understand that you can not just jump into Navision as a developer, and expect to resolve business issues that evolved because of bad salesmanship.

What is needed right now is to sit with the client and explain in detail the business ogin in the reporting they are asking for. You need also to look at the volume of transactions and to see if this request makes any sense what so ever. For a company that manufactures 1,000 units per year (e.g. Houses or yachts for example) then this request may make sense, but if they manufacture multiple thousands of items, then its a load of nonsense as stated, and I would guess that the analyst completly missunderstood the business need.

I really can’t see how to help you on this one sorry, because it would involve a complete analysis of the needs of the client, and I am quite sure that no one is willing to pay for that. I suppose it was just thrown on your lat as the developer, and you were told “do this”.

of course The Dynamics User Group is here to help and we will do everything we can to help, but I really am not sure where to start unless you can give the details of the requirement, and I don’t mean what you are trying to program, I mean the actual business requirement of the company.