Indirect labor tracking in Microsoft NAV


We are starting an implamentaiton of NAV and indirect labor tracking is very important to us. For example, we have a maintance department with an employee assigned to it. We also have different tasks that employee can do. Full example employee #1234 in maintenance spent 4 hours routine maintence on forming machines. Our current reseller is telling us that we can not track dollars and hours for these types of transactions even though our time collection software can track this and export the information in various report formats. Could anyone let me know how they are handling this situation.

thanks in advance


I would love to hear exactly what the problem is.

The most simple way is to use the job module to track the hours/dollars on your employees. That should not be very difficult, but maybe you’re trying to do something else?

I created a simple labor table for entering labor for reporting purposes. We backflush labor at standard, however, we track labor in the table to adjust the standards as needed. We also can enter rework time and other indirect labor in the table and report on it.

There is also some functionality in the fixed assets granual along with the Jobs that Erik mentions above.