Indirect cost not available (Project category)

Finance has asked that I separate overhead cost to a differant account when using labor lines. There appears to be a way to do this natively using indirect costs:

But the indirect cost components are not available to us (2012 R2 CU0)1373.6-29-2015 10-28-52 AM.png

This screenshot is from an Admin account. Do we require an update or add-on to use this?

Can you check if you have the Indirect cost configuration under project3 and is enabled or not?

I do not:

0447.6-29-2015 1-26-43 PM.png

You need to check in the License configuration.

System Administration → Setup → Licensing → License configuration

Expand Project 3 and see if you have indirect cost and if it is enabled (marked).

Project III is not even on the list. We have I and II. Thanks for the help, looks like we need some licence work.