Indian Sales Tax

Has any body worked on the Indian Sales tax granule?I would like to hv some information on it as our client is going for it. I need to understand the capabilities of this granule even to carry out requirements study on the client side. Does it fully meet the requirements?Especially i would like to know how it handles the irregular assessments from the Sales Tax authorities & subsequent adjustments & reporting & invoicing etc. As u all know these assessments are on long & irregular periods, ranging from 1 to 4 years.I am not being able to figure out how the adjustments if any could be done in these cases. Regards, Dharmendra B. Desai Dharmendra B. Desai

hi dharmendra, I have worked on all the assessments of Haryana sale tax authorities like st17,st17a,st23, st23a, there were 6-7 reports with different formats. all i have done with an indian accounting package. it was very helpfull,with that you do not need to make returns manually. in that module you just select the report and period. so in the same way you can do in navision as well.

hi dharmendra, The sales tax modules works fine , but you have to make customized reports to view them . We have developed the reports (all that mr Ajay Jain) have menitoned ourself. Harikesh