Indian Localization TDS Adjustment Entry Issue

I am facing a serious problem in Indian localization and kindly request if anyone found solution for the same. The scenario as follows:
I have 2 Vendor Invoice Journals in one single batch for different 2 vendors which contain both Service Tax as well as TDS. My problem here is when I do any adjustment entry for TDS to round the amount for both invoices then AX is taking only the last updated value and the other invoice’s TDS will be turned back to its actual value.
For example:
INVOICE – 1, TDS amount rounded into 25 from 22.50 and if I go and change the TDS value for INVOICE – 2 into 50 from 49.50 then INVOICE – 1 TDS amount will be reset to 22.50 back. This seems to be big bug of Indian localization.
I kindly request anyone who got any solution for this issue.
PS: The same scenarion is perfectly working for Service Tax scenario.
Thanks in Advance.

I found the solution myself. In fact its a bug of AX-2009 Indian localization.