Indian Format of Balancesheet

Can anybody sujjest easiest method to take out A balancesheet view of the chart of accounts in the typical Indian Format of Assets v/s liabilities? I want to know some other method apart from designing a report,using Attain standard reports. Regards, Dharmendra B. Desai

You can create the balance sheet as per the indian standards with all the schedules except (Fixed assets) through accounts schedule and account schedule is available as standard reports as well.

Thanks Rajiv, I already tried it out with a standard report, Got it.Can account schedules as well incorporate Diemnsions as an analysis tool?What is the difference berween Global & ADditional dimensions in that case? Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Hi Dharmendra, Account Schedule can incorporate Dimensions, when you setup a new Account Schedule you can define which Dimensions you wish to use. Global Dimension 1 and 2 are actually Shortcut Dimension 1 and 2. The other 2 dimensions can be any other dimensions you want to do analysis on

Before version 2.6 multi-dimensional functionality was not available however there were two tables called project and departments. These codes were used as dimensions in various apploication areas. Now the tables are not there and the functionality is available in form of Global dimensions, i.e. available in all application areas.

Thank U Abhinav & Rajiv,Your replies are very much clear & We hope to get thro’ the implementation in near future. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Hi all has anyone developed the balance sheet in Axapta for Indian standards. regards vaibhav pednekar

Yes we have done that. Regards, Anuj

I would like to add one more thing that you can also attach the Dimension Analysis View in Account Schedule.