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Hi Please give some information for the following queries in the payroll module: 1. How should the wages and salaries be posted in different accounts namely Salary A/c and Wages A/c. 2. How to set the holiday or weekly off for each employee in the same division and the same department Example: Employee A: weekly off - Tuesday- Production Dept, Location X Employee B: weekly off - Wednesday- Production Dept, Location Y bye, sekar

hi, Why dont you follow the user manual for Indian Payroll. I suppose none other than the developer of Payroll have used it.[:D] regards Harikesh

Hi For the salary and the wages account , u have to create 2 different accounts in the Chart of accounts under expense head and attach them separately in the salary structure for the salary and wages. U can generate the off day calaendar unit wise to solve your second issue of weekly off for different locations at diffrent days. Regards Deepak Batra

Hi, Do you mean that we can setup different payelements, one as salary and other as wages and then assign different account numbers?? Also, can you clarify the meaning of the “SALARY PAYABLE ACCOUNT” in the HRSetup->General->Posting Tab. How does the posting actually happen? Thanks and Regards, Ramya Venkat

Navision India payroll has been developed by an NSC. If you are an NSC, please direct any questions regarding India payroll to Neogyn Software Consulting Pvt.Ltd. The contact person is Mr. Sunil Nagpal ( If you are an end customer, please ask your NSC to contact Mr. Sunil Nagpal.

Deall all, I would like to ask Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar, to clarify the role of Navision india regarding India payroll. Since Navision India is selling the product “India payroll”, why a NSC should approach, Neogyn Software Consulting Pvt.Ltd for support.It is matter of great disappointment to direct some one to a third party, after selling a product, if Navision india is selling the product, it is the responsibility of Navision india to provide the required support. Any suggestion, comment on this reply is welcome. Thanks and regards

Hi Harikesh, I think, Navision India never forced you to buy Payroll add-on or stop you to develop new payroll ad-on. They are middle tier to help you to reduce your implementation burden, if you are using tested add-on. It’s up to you how you are taking his approach. Before pointing out Navision India, please go through the document/contract how to register your add-on with NTR.You will get clear idea…

_Outsourcing payroll services <[](>_ sometimes 
seems like an option only for bigger businesses, but small businesses 
can benefit too.  There are many advantages, including guaranteed 
accuracy, confidentiality, convenience, and flexibility. It also allows 
your business to focus on its own product rather than payroll.

Most basic payroll processing fees include payroll processing, pay slip 
generation  and distribution (direct deposit in bank), Government 
statutory report generation, form 16 generation. Additional services can 
include management, human resources management, and employee handbook 

Online Payroll Services
The online payroll services option allows the payroll service collect 
information via the internet on salary, deductions, and other 
payroll-related data from their employee and use that information to 
generate government statutory reports, payroll reports, and tax filings.

Payroll information can be collected from any location via the internet, 
then processed and backed up at a central location. This increases 
productivity, lowers costs and decreases local storage needs. Loss 
prevention and accuracy in payroll calculations can be improved as a 
result. It also allows clients and payroll professionals to work 
together over the internet. This eliminates the need for paper checks or 
time consuming phone calls.

As with any outside service, outsourced payroll service costs will vary 
according to what options your business requires. Make sure you know the 
costs of additional services. Fees for adding or dropping employees, 
changing employee information or for setting up your account, can vary 
widely between payroll services.

also check and both will solve your problem.

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