India Localization for Microsoft Dynamics™ Nav 4.0 SP3 – Feature Pack -01

I was studing the Release Notes of Microsoft For Navsion SP3 Feature Pack-1. They have given some Instructions for installation

1.To install these objects with previous version
These objects have been developed and tested for version 4.0SP3 with HF1 (CDCR – Vedbaek SE No. 21632). Please be aware that this feature might not work in earlier versions and with customer specific changes.

  1. Developer Instructions
    User first has to import the critical update Microsoft Dynamics-Navision IN 4 0 SP3 Hotfix 1 (CDCR – Vedbaek SE No. 21632) prior to importing these objects in IN 4.0 SP3 Database.

I have directly imported the objects ( Navision IN 4.0 SP3 Feature Pack 1 (HF2) ) in to IN 4.0 SP3 Database.But after compiling some objects like tabledata 16514 ,16520 etc is does not exist in the DB and getting the compilation errors .So Iam not able to post the transaction from the Journals also now.

Kindly please suggest me.

Thanks In Advance