India GST Patch issue on AX 2012 R2?

We’ve installed GST hotfix and so all the mentioned DLL’s and objects are available at required places after installation.

All required Tax setup has been done as per the documentation from MS.

Now, I am trying to test it by creating SO.

But as soon as I click any of the buttons which goes for GTE tax calculation(Totals, confirmation…), I am getting an error as


Processing item Solving merged Z3 expression failed: The solving formula encountered a run-time error… Details: Parameters

Header.Lines.GST.SGST.Rate.Rate = 0

Header.Lines.GST.CGST.Rate.Rate = 0.14

Header.‘Total Discount Percentage’ = 0

Header.Lines.‘Assessable Value’ = 100

Solving parsed Z3 expression

Header.Lines.‘Base Amount’=Header.Lines.‘Assessable Value’*(100-Header.‘Total Discount Percentage’)/100

Header.Lines.‘Price includes tax’=0

Header.Lines.GST.CGST.‘Base Amount’=Header.Lines.‘Base Amount’

Header.Lines.GST.CGST.‘Tax Amount’=Header.Lines.GST.CGST.‘Base Amount’*Header.Lines.GST.CGST.Rate.Rate

Header.Lines.GST.SGST.‘Base Amount’=Header.Lines.‘Base Amount’

Header.Lines.GST.SGST.‘Tax Amount’=Header.Lines.GST.SGST.‘Base Amount’*Header.Lines.GST.SGST.Rate.Rate

System exception: Fail to load Z3. at Microsoft.Dynamics365.Tax.Core.CalculationEngine.Calculation.FormulaEngine.FormulaEngineFactory.GetFormulaEngine()

at Microsoft.Dynamics365.Tax.Core.CalculationEngine.FormulaFacade.Calculate(FormulaMetadata metadata, Hashtable parameters)


Anyone else faced this issue?

It looks like a issue with the dll "Microsoft.Dynamics365.Tax.Core".

Please suggest if anything else needs to be done apart from the installation steps provided by MS or If there could be anything I can do to overcome the issue?

Please look into…/240586

Exact solution has been available there…