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I have a table with three fields that can be null. One of the three must be filled in at the time of a new record, but not all three. All three must be unique values for an account number for a customer in the table. I have tried to do the indexes in two different ways. One is to create an index that contains all three fields, with duplicates no. That did not work; it would allow duplicates values to be entered. I also tried creating three indexes, one for each field that included the account number. That did not work because it read the blank values and would not allow duplicates of the blank fields. I am beginning to think I will need to do this with code. I am sure I am not the first one to come across this problem, does anyone have any suggestions?

hi ,

for wht purpose you are creating a table , if i am correct your creating a fields for accouting , then use the segement entry control .for showing the account in form level.



I figured out a way to solve my problem during the weekend. I set up three variables that each selected the one of the three fields that must be unique, then I did a if statement with an or to check to see if all of the variables where empty, if they were not then it was a duplicate record so I throw an error.