Indent Header From,Indent Line SubForm

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i have New In NAV So Problem is Indent Header Form Has Status Field That Field Is Option .Option Contains : OPen,Release

  1. when Status be Released The Indent LineSub From Should be Non Editble.

2.when Status be Released The Indent LineSub From Should be Editble.

please any Body Help me


Put this code in the AfterGetRecord-trigger in the header-form:

CurrForm.TheSubForm.EDITABLE(Status = Status::Open);
(“TheSubform” is to be replaced with the name given to the subform-control).

This will cause the subform to be editable only if status is Open.

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but Indent Line Sub Form has Records Cannot Delete When Status Is Released

If the Status is released then you cannot modify records in the lines, which i a standard functionality.

Then why do you need another functionality.

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Client Be asking That Type Question

when Document Be Released in Indent Line SubForm Cannot Be work On Delete Button

which We Have Give to the List Form in List Form Cannot Work Delete Button

so What Should I do now Please

write a code like,


if indentheader findfirst then


Put this code in the indent line oninsert and ondelete , if require then put it onmodify.

For more info check the purchase line table with function TestStatusOpen.

thank u manish


If the solution worked for you then please verify the same.