Incorrect setup of dimension groups

Hi All,

I’m doing a customization on AX 2012 R2. The task is to add a new tracking dimension beside batch and serial number, we called it GIN number.

I’ve create a new EDT called ‘GIN’ and then add the EDT to InventDim table. When I open the table via AOT, I try to insert new data to the ‘GIN’ column, but it gave me error “Incorrect setup of dimension groups” when I try to save it.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem…?

Thanks in advance,

Esther Mulijono

Hi Esther,

Creating a new dimension will not be an easy task. Simply adding an EDT won’t work because of the complexity involved in inventory transactions and tracking.

What is the approach for your development?


Hi Pranav,

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: I’m new to AX, so I’ll try to explain what I try to achieve:

The concept of the new tracking dimension called GIN number is as follow:

GIN is a running number for every item arrival; so when item A batch 01 arrive at 1 Feb 2013, it’ll have GIN number 01.

When item A batch 01 arrive again at 2 Feb 2013 together with item B batch 02 and item C batch 03, it will become:

  • Item A batch 01 will have GIN number 02
  • Item B batch 02 will have GIN number 03
  • Item C batch 03 will have GIN number 04

So, item A batch 01 can have 2 or more GIN number depends on the arrival.

My approach is as follow:

  • Create a new EDT called ‘GIN’
  • Add the EDT to InventDim table
  • When user input batch number in Item arrival, I’ll create a new inventDimId and insert it to InventDim

I know that creating a new dimension will not be an easy task, especially when I’m new to AX, but I don’t seem to find any other way to store the GIN number other than adding it to the tracking dimension.

Can you help me by giving any clue how to store the GIN number ? or should I continue adding GIN number to tracking dimension ?

Thanks in advance,


What purpose does GIN number serve? If it is simply a code it is adding no value to my eyes.

Hi Adam,

The GIN number is supposed to help user determine which item must be moved out first.

For example, suppose there is situation like this:

  • Item A, batch 01 (exp date 01 Mar 2014), GIN number 01
  • Item A, batch 01 (exp date 01 Mar 2014), GIN number 02
  • Item A, batch 02 (exp date 01 Jan 2014), GIN number 03

So they must moved out item A batch 02, then item A batch 01 with GIN number 01 then item A batch 01 with GIN number 02.

We can say that the purpose is to do FIFO after doing FEFO.

But presumably you are not going to modify the entire reservation and picking routines throughout the system, I am presuming there are no cost implications. I can see little benefit in all honesty but I do not know the industry you are dealing in. I would see for the instances this occurs and the business has to know that they look at the source transactions and pick the earliest packing slip/delivery note in a clash. Seems like a huge modification for minimal value.

Have you considered using the Serial number dimension instead of customizing?

Thank you Adam and Michelle,

I’ll try to use serial number dimension.