Incorrect Purchase cost


I’ve noticed my inventory costs are incorrect and actually lower than the true costs. I’ve done the manual calculation and determined it’s tied to my last PO. I’ve noticed that the inventory transaction form is showing a blank under cost amount (see attached photo). The calculation is taking this PO as 0 cost thus lowering my inventory cost. Any idea what would cause this?

The problem is the highlighted on the picture below ignore the first picture.

Check your purchase order lines, you might have posted them with zero amount.

Listed below is the product receipt history it appears to have been posted with the cost.

How about the invoice? Look at the invoice journal.

Here is the invoice Journal. It also appears correct

Can you show the voucher as well, i would like to see to which posting type it has been posted. Do you use the standard costing?


Thanks for your help. It appears the problem started around 9/1 as all of my August POs show a value while my september and later do not. I’ve listed two vouchers below the first one is relates to the problem item and the second one is from August. I’ve also pasted a the cost transaction sheet for the item in question.



I’ve done a little more research and noticed that the items that are not showing a cost all have a “Yes” in the value open field. Any ideas on how we change this?

It means that the transactions are not yet closed. The inventory close will update the value open to No on the transactions.

Is there something in the configuration or set up that drives this?

What costing method do you use? Have you tried by running the inventory recalculation?