Incorrect password supplied for application roll->

$ndo$shadow We get this from our ODBC SQL Server driver on 3.70 We are in deep ****, >100 users can’t log on and it’s invoice weekend. Nothing found on Google. Have you seen this before? We have two production db’s on this server, one is runing fine, users access via Citrix. AD is involved. Djävla skit! /K

Sounds like someone has modified the [shadowpwd] field of the [$ndo$dbproperty] table in your database, OR has dropped and re-created the [$ndo$shadow] application role with a different password. Either way, these no longer match. If it is the field that has changed and the application role has not been touched, you can restore a recent SQL backup of your database to a new database. Then take the value of this table/field from that database and place it into the value for your broken database. If it is the application role that has changed, you can only rely on restoring and using a backup, because you cannot re-create the password for the application role from this field value.

Have you made any changes to that database at all? Have you looked thorugh the search for $shadow? Was the search useful?

YES! I love this forum and I love Robert Cinkaid! Thanx alot! You have really made my day!

Hi again! At the same time as the problem started we found a new “user def. funktion” $ndo$getartoken] created at the same time. Could this one have erased the password? If so, has this anything to do with that we are instaling 4.0 on some test db’s. If you start 3.70 with 4.0 maybe it gets created? /K

The [$ndo$getartoken] is used by 4.0, not 3.70 and will only be created in a 4.0 database - or a 3.70 database that has been converted by a 4.0 Navision client into a 4.0 database. Yes, if a conversion from 3.70 to 4.0 is done the [$ndo$dbproperty].[shadowpwd] field is emptied because it is not used by 4.0. But such a conversion does not allow 3.70 clients into that database thereafter. It looks like that is what happened here.

We all love Robert as we get a very detailed insight into the system and what happens behind the surface.