Incorrect item cost due to using a different UOM

Hi I am having a problem on Navision version 4.0. I created released production order and posted the production journal. What I discovered was that the item cost for some components was updated incorrectly but it was corrected after running the adjust cost. Example 1 Finished Goods is produced by 1KG of nuts, 1KG of sugar and 1 KG of salt. In the released production order, I post the production journal by + 1 Finished Goods -1KG of nuts, -1KG of sugar -0.5 KG of salt -500 GM of salt The quantity of the salt is posted correctly but the cost of the salt for 500GM is 1000 times that of 0.5 KG. The cost will be corrected after running the adjust cost but it will leave very odd looking GL entries. Anybody got any idea what is wrong? Thanks Tan Eng Siong

Its not an error, its a Navision “feature”. Its been around for quite a while. But its damn annoying. You will have to make some code modifications if you want to do anything about it. The mods are not overly complex, but you really do need to have a good understanding of Navision costing, and manfacturing first.