incorrect item cost - by the adjust cost item entries batch

Hi All,

This client , has nav 4.0 sp3 .

It seems that the adjust cost item entries batch screwed up the item costs somehow.

I am not certain how but , that is a different question.

The raw material had got its item cost somehow doubled by the batch.

This has been used in product , manufactured using the production bom.

How shall we fix the costs ? Items are having average costing.



Use the revaluation journal, but make sure you get to the bottom of this, the ACIE does not simply double costs, there is something there causing this and I would guess it is a modification - fix it otherwise you will be constantly correcting the costs that are obviously wrong.

Thanks Adam ,

This is what I was suspecting , I guess I need to pick the items that includes the raw material too , am I right?



Revalue the raw material, run ACIE and check the finished product cost, if you then need to revalue this as well

Hi Adam,

I did the revaluation post but it posted 0 to the value entries …

On the journal it looks fine but posts nothing …

Is it because the item costing is average ?



So you have defined a new cost on the journal line, posted it and run ACIE?

If the valuation entry does not alter then the cost of the raw material is correct.

Your next issue is what it did to the finished goods, but this really comes back to identifying the problem rather than fixing it.

Well to clarify,

I expected the raw material’s item ledger entry’s value entries to be fixed.

in other words the cost amount actual to be adjusted back to original , however the revaluation journal,

posted 0 to the cost amount actual and the value to the cost amount (non invtlbl) field …

This would leave my item cost on the raw material incorrect. Can I fix this ?


There are two ways to get the entry into the revaluation journal - how did you do it?

Then I presume it told you that the unit cost was $x and you set it to $y. You posted the journal and ran the ACIE routine - yes?

well , I search the item ledger entries that are having incorrect unit cost ( I calculated the unit cost) and for each Item ledger entry I added a revaluation entry with the appropriate date and item no. then in the applies to Item I picked the old (incorrect ) ile no. Then I addjusted the unit cost revalued to the correct cost and posted it…


But not the ACIE?

What do you mean by ACIE ?


Neither the ACIE nor the Revaluation had fixed my value entries …

So you do not know what ACIE is but it has not resolved your problem. [:D]

Processing a revaluation and posting it with a changed cost and then running ACIE will update entries. If not then there are three possibilities:

  1. You are doing it wrong
  2. You are not telling me everything
  3. There is a modification/issue impacting in one of the areas.

Yep exactly ,sometimes you dont know what the hand does, but it still does it …

Anyways, I tested it in Cronus and it worked fine, but not in this case, so I am puzzled…

Well one thing I realised during the debugging , as per NAV this item is not Inventoriable , because its consumption line , given its been consumed on the manufacturing of item.

Does this ring a bell ?



The end destination does not matter at this stage, we are struggling to revalue the component, so if it cannot be revalued you cannot know if the finished good will be updated, I do not think it will, but it has been a while - if you want short cut it and revalue the production output which is what you want, but I do not believe this problem will go away for you.

Adam ,

Let me know what do you think of this :

  1. I added the item onto the T5804 Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point with the Valuation Date of november 2010
  2. Removed the Item cost is adjusted flag from the item
  3. I ran the R795 Adjust Cost - Item Entries with the closing date of 31st december 2010.

This “fixed” the item cost retrospectively . However if my valuation date starts in december the values are not perfect. .

So I suspect sth. caused the R795 ACIE :slight_smile: to screw the costs, how should I pick this, or should I at all worry about that ?



Once you start going into the tables and adding entries and changing flags then all is lost - this approach maybe the cause of the original problem - there is little advice I can give you from here, you are on your own once you start doing in through the back door.

There’s a bug in version prior to 6.0 where if you apply landed cost to Drop Ship orders it will screw up average cost. You might want to check knowledge base or submit a request to MIcrosoft to get this fix.

yup this is fair enough . Question is what standard tools are left for me to tackle this issue ? given that the revaluation journal didnt do the trick , even though it should have.


You need to investigate the reasons why, as you said it works fine in a test environment, also try revaluing the finished good product which you have not done yet. The standard tools do work they just do not in this single instance - work out why. Has your partner been involved?