Incorrect funtion when starting service

On Attain 3.01b I sometimes get the message (… incorrect function…) when the database service starts. Had the idea that it could be a problem with the database ZUP file. Consequently I have made a bat file that every morning deletes the existing database zup file and then starts the service. However I’m still getting the problem sometimes. I’m a bit in the dark [8D] Anyone got an idea? Kim

Maybee it’s something with the Licensfile and all your Languages in the FIN.FLF, used by the Server… Just a joke [:D]

This problem has been reported here several times before - with no solid conclusions. We had the problem (version 2.01) on NT but it disappeared when we went to Win2000. It also disappeared when we reduced the database filenames to p1.fdb, p2.fdb etc and put them in a directory with a short name. Failing that, re-booting the server always get’s rid of the problem.

Hi Kim, Are you using NAS(Navision Application Server), b’cos i’ve seen this error when using NAS due to the paramater passing. I assume you are using Navision Server, if so, try reinstalling.