"Incorrect function" starting NAS

I suppose it’s a very trivial and stupid situation, but still: I am trying to start a just installed NAS, and it issues an error “Incorrect function” at startup (I can see it in the Event Log). This error is critical, and the service does not start. I tried this on different machines, and with both Navision Server and MS SQL, the result is the same. First of all I thought that the problem is with the NAS handler function (#99 in the codeunit #1), which as I understand must reside in the database, but it does really reside there. What could be the problem? Help, please.

Yes you are correct, NAS calls function NASHandler in Codeunit 1. The parameter ATASIS is the parameter field in the NAS Configuration screen. If this is blank then the NAS service will not start. This parameter should be a comma seperated list that determines what codeunits/functions NAS starts. Remember as any codeunit called by NAS is GUI-less any error messages generated by the code will be displayed as errors in the event log so the problem could be a code error.

Thank you very much for your reply, because it helped. A startup parameter is really required for the service to start. It is surprising because the NASHandler function does not use it at all in my case. Therefore this parameter may not only represent a comma separated list of codeunits/functions. It depends upon realization. I think that the user should first look into the NASHandler function in his/her database and define how (and whether) this parameter is used. In any case user should supply some text as the input parameter.

Where can I find the NAS Configuration screen, and what parameter do I need to use for Outlook integration?