Incorrect Deliver Remainder on Sales Order

I have a Sales Order with one line for 18,200. We created a Picking List for 10,000. They ended up shipping 10,500. Why would the Deliver Remainder be 8.200 instead of 7,700?

If you registered 10,000 on the pick and shipped based upon picked quantity that would explain it. Can you post a screenshot of the posted shipment?

The pick was created for 10,000. It was registered and packing slip posted for 10,500. The deliver remainder was calculated as if we shipped 10,000.

Could you post the packing slip with 10.500 on?

Yes, the Packing slip was also posted for 10,500.

I meant a picture :slight_smile:

Can you confirm the parameter setting on the shipment was picked quantity?
Can you confirm at which point you altered the quantity to 10,500 - during the picking registration?
Can you confirm your version - there was an early RTM of AX2012 that encountered this from memory but it would mean you have no CU applied which would be unusual at this stage of a product lifecycle.

The quantity parameter was set to Picked. The quantity was changed in the picking registration when it’s handling status was “Started”. We are on AX2009, last update being RU8.

Our users just recently noticed this and it causes us to ship more product than the customer originally ordered.

I dont have access to that version, but would be worth looking at LCS support issues. I am assuming you have no customizations in this area. Your only real option is to replicate and report (again assuming you are manually entering a sales order, manually picking, manually registering and manually altering the figures before manually posting the shipment :slight_smile: