Inconsistent Sumindex Tables

Hi, when i am doing the TEST for Item Ledger Entry Table. It gives me the message that 32$0 is not consistent. The database used is SQL server. I have created another replica of ILE and trying to insert the data from the original ILE to the new ILE, but the insert query is running since the last 120 hours. There are about 4 million records in the ILE only. Any thoughts on how to resolve this??? Thanks Faisal

Have you tried setting the MaintainSIFTIndex property of the key(s) to No and then Yes again, thereby recreating the SIFT structure? Alternatively you can completely disable/enable the keys. (this definitely doesn’t belong to this forum)

I didn’t know they had Item Ledger Entries in Microsoft CRM???

Hi, Thanks for the response. I have done the enabling or disbaling of the keys also but it didnt work. I have not tried the setting of MaintainSIFTIndex. The insertion that i have mentioned earlier has been completed now. I am doing the test again for the new table. In case if the TEST is successful, how can i compare and correct the sumindex tables with the current one that i have created. I cannot replace the Old sumindex with the new one as it is 5-6 days older. Sorry Erik, you can move this topic to the appropriate forum. Thanks