Inconsistency error

Hi all,

we’re facing inconsistency error while running Adjust Cost - Item entries process report, after checking of entries system updating entries to multiple g/l accounts which are given below:

raw material a/c Dr.

to Unrealized profit a/c Cr

to Inventory Adj. a/c Cr

can anyone suggest the entries that how it should update while updating the cost entries.

thanks in adv.

Hi Kumar,

In the last 25 years, then in 99 out of 100 cases, then this error was related an error in customized code.

So if you are facing this error, then start by looking at your customization’s.

Which version is this about?

Hi Kumar,

I think you are talking about post run impact of Adjust cost batch job
If yes then you might need to look at the setups done.
If not then you can activate debugger and check

Hi all,

thank you so much for reply.

we’d checked the error through debugger, but we cannot identified where the problem is. Currently we’re using 2016 IN version.

Hi Kumar, like Erik said, you need to debug the code with the help of a developer who can direct you to the root cause of your issue.

It might take time in debugging but you will only be able to find the root cause in this way only. :slight_smile: