Inconsistency Error


When we try to post some of the purchase invoices occur inconcistancy error showing. Anybody pls tell me what is this and how to solve this…


Most consistent errors that I know are related to rounding errors in Dynamics NAV. Are you able to reproduce this error in a standard Cronus database? If you able to do this you can report this error to Microsoft to get a proper correction.

Hi Jubel,

The inconsistency error occurs when somebody made a change to the posting codeunit, but didn’t test it good enough.

As per my Navision Developer Tips and Tricks, then this is really the last area any developer should start to touch is just this. And one of the reason is the error you describe above.

Go back to the last version of your object and try the same process.

Most consistent errors that I come across in localizations of Latin countries were most related to standard errors. In Spain and Portugal every NAV released there is an hotfix to correct some error in rounding of VAT and payment.

Especially local MS developing team members! [:P]

Sorry Erik, but I am with Nuno and Anna on this. I have seen far more inconsistancy’s due to the coding of programers in Vedbaek than from partners.