Inconsistencies error

Hi, This is on Navision 4.0 with no modification on Deposit area but few (added a few fields) on G/L Entry table. On Deposit, when a user enters a refund using GL account, she receives an inconsistencies error. “The transaction can’t be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L entry table. Check where and how the CONSISTENT function is used in the transaction to find the reason for the error.” If she uses the test company in the same database for the exactly same refund, she was able to post it without any problems. Any ideas? Thanks Trin

If this is a problem in a standard database with no modifications you should report this to Microsoft. Meanwhile you can try to solve the problem yourself using the debugger in codeunit 12. Write down all the amounts and g/l accounts and check which posting goes wrong. Most of these problems occur with currency and/or rounding issues. You can also search on this topic on this site and on for other tips.

Hi, I found the problem. The dates on the header and lines have to be the same, otherwise you get the error message. Thanks, Trin