Including <TAB> into a string

Hello there!

I want to include a into a string.

Something like this:

mystring := 'Hello ’ + + ‘World’

So the result i mystring become to be: ‘Hello World’

Does anyone knows how to do this?



mystring := 'Hello ’ + ’ ’ + ‘World’;

This didnt work.

No compilation error but the Tabulator character inside ’ ’ didn’t work.

A want to make a text string with Tab characters to separate fields and then write the string to a file.

The meaning is to get a Tab-separated textfile.


info(‘Hello’+’ Press tab '+‘World’);



Open notepad, enter a and and enter b

Count the space between 2 letters and set same no. of spaces in navision…

Not good,

I am reading fields from databas and want to make this automatically



this wont help because the Tab char has to be a field separator .f.ex Excel


Define variable chTab, where DataType = Char.

Assign chTab := 9; //9 er ascii-value for TAB

State txMyString := STRSUBSTNO(‘Hello%1world’, chTab);

Thanks a lot!

This solved my problem :slight_smile:


Make sure you get that right though. If you use TAB as the field separator, now you’ve inserted TAB charters as field values, and if you’re using dataports to export data, and you’re not careful that can screw up your data export.