Including "Onhand" quantity during Forecast scheduling run

Hi All,

I’ve Purchase/Sales forecast defined for an Item. When I run forecast scheduling It generates an order based on the forecast lines but I want the system to reduce current onhand stock and generate the Planned order.

I know it will be achieved if I run Master scheduling after FS system considers On-hand. But, I cant suggest my client to run MS just for this.

Any thoughts on it please…

You cannot, the forecast is a quick process for populating a demand that planning uses. You have to run master planning to net off the demand and supply elements, it is not written into the forecast scheduling which is very different (and much quicker)

Thanks Adam, I’m getting it customized.

You shouldn’t be netting off your on hand stock from Forecast, a forecast drives the future demand for the business, predicting your sales by period.

The netting off of on hand should always be done as a Supply Planning Function which is different to a Demand Plan.