Included tables, reports, forms and code units in Business Essential License


When a Business Essential Edition license is bought, how many tables, reports, forms and code units are available for the developer before having to buy aditional? If any - what are the numbers/range?

Thanks in advance! [:)]

BRL BE includes:

7110 Report and Dataport Designer
You use this granule to change existing reports and dataports and it lets you create 100 new report objects and 100 new dataport objects (numbered from 50,000 to 50,099).This granule also gives you access to C/ALapplication language) from reports and dataports for defining special calculations and business rules. You can create new reports from scratch or copy an existing report to use as a starting point.

7120 Form Designer
You use this granule to change existing forms (windows displayed on the screen for data entry and inquiry), and it enables you to create 100 new form objects (numbered from 50,000 to 50,099) This granule does not include access to C/AL from forms.

8600 Codeunits (100) which actually are of no use for you as client - you can’t create/edit them. You have included CUs in your license, just in case your Partner/implementator will program something for you as 7200 Application Builder is neither included nor even available as optional addition, only for BRL AM you can buy it additionally.

I don’t see 8600 Codeunits included in the base price of the BRL BE.

Codeunits (8100 individual) (8600 set of 100) are listed seperately US list price is $20 for individual $800 for set.

Table Designer (7130) is also a seperate purchase from the BRL BE, and gives you ten tables (50,000 - 50,009).

Seemingly it differs from country to country whats included… I wrote my post based on European data.

Thanks for input everyone!