Include TDS in Sales tax

Hi All,

I want to know , can TDS amount be included in sales tax?

In case of work contract order one of client wants to include TDS amount in Sales tax under VAT structure?

How to go about it if it is possible in 2013 R2?



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In Structure line there is one field Called ‘Include TDS Base Calculation’ You need to tick that field.

This will solve your problem.

Hi Amol ,

Thanks . When i try doing that in 2013 r2 it stops me from updating that flag with the error " you can include tds amount only with service tax" .




Can anyone help me with this .

Scenario : VAT TDS

Base Amount : 1000

VAT : 40

TDS to be calculated as : 2% of (Base Amount + VAT) i.e 2% of 1040 = 20.8

Right now it is getting calculated on 1000 i.e 2% of 1000 = 2