Include/exclude closing transactions in consolidation process

Dear All, I wonder if there are possibilities in Dynamics AX 2009 to include or exclude closing transactions ( closing sheet functionality) in the consolidation process? Is there maybe a company specific setup or a setting you can enter during the consolidation process? Currently the closing transactions are included in the consolidation while Microsoft documentation suggests they are excluded since AX 3.0 (“Excluding the opening transactions and the closing transactions in consolidation is a new functionality of consolidation in Microsoft Axapta 3.0.”). I hope someone is able to help me with this question. Kind Regards, Lennart Ephraim

Hi Lennart ,

Closing sheet is a different functionality . I did not understand How closing sheet is link with Consolidation process ?

The question is not about the closing sheet. It is about the option to include/exclude ledger transactions with periode code ‘closing’ in consolidations.
Sorry if my question was unclear.