Inceasing amount of data that appears in report

Hi All, is there an easy way of increasing the amount of data that prints on a page. One of my clients wants the invoice report (206) to be amended so that everything appears on one page and not two. The items stop printing halfway down the page and prints tax info on sa econd page but there is room for it all on one page. Can anyone advise please

Maybe there’s a section in your report with some empty lines and the properties PrintOnEveryPage and PlaceInBottom are set to yes?

Hi Tino, unfortunately there is no wasted space and I’ve carefully checked what you suggested. The clients problem is that if they have an order for 20 items the invoice produces a 2 page print which shows all the Tax and totals on the second page but it looks as if there is enough space for the tax and totals on the first page which is, in their opinion, what the client wants. If however they raise an order for 32 items the report still goes to 2 pages but looks better because there is no room on the first page for Tax and totals as page 1 lists the items right to the bottom of the page. I hope I explained this clearly. I dont think I can do anything about it but I’m no sure that the client will see it that way…Paul

Hi Paul There are sections contained within the bottom of the invoice that will appear in set circumstances, in others they will not, when they do not the space is still used by these unprinted sections as they are contained within the footer. If you have closed up all of the space the only thing you can then do is to start removing information - this of course will mean it never prints under any circumstances - however you will always hit a number of lines where the total section appears on page two, and seemingly blank space is visible on page 1.

Hi Steven, that is the best explanation I’ve heard and makes perfect sense. I didnt realise that although parts arent required to print under specific circumstances they still occupy space on the report. When I was a COBOL programmer in the dim and distant past I would have controlled all this with a Line Count. Anyway Ive explained to the client and they seem happy enough to accept that this will happen on occasions when orders have a certain number of Sales Lines. Maybe they should persued their customers to but atleast 32 items with each order then they will all be happy. Thanks for your input

The issue is the mechanism you use to suppress printing. If you have a record, and you currreport.skip, then the record is not counted on the page, so it does not use up space. If you use currreport.showoutput(false); then since that code is run after the section is send tot he page counter, its too late to save paper. You can get the effect you want by adding a new section to the report with say an integer, and use that to determine which page to rpint on, but its a lot of work. I am pretty sure that in one version of Navision GB (I think 2.01) Hynek made a report that did this, if you can find, it then you can use the code. (I should say, I KNOW that Hynek did do this, but I am not sure it made it into a version.)

Thanks David. I will see if I can find that code although I had a call from the head of Accounts and they seem happy with the invoice layout now so I don’t know what all the fuss was about. Hynek, now there’s a name I have not heard in a long time.