In which form method we can use Form_DS.getPosition() method....?

Hello All

In which form method we can use Form_DS.getPosition() method

I want to get the current position before executing the Form_DS.doResearch() using the “getPosition()”

and I want set the position to previous filtered position using “setPosition()”

Thanks In Advance…


you simply put Form_DS.getPosition() at the beginning of the method where you execute Form_DS.doResearch() and set the position after Form_DS.doResearch()

you can use this on button clicked event. You can also use From_DS.Research(true), the true parameters keep focus on the current position.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your quick response, the Form_DS.doResearch() is calling from a class

I tried to put getPosition() before the doResearch() and setPosition() aftet the doReserch()

It doesn’t worked for me…

Thanks In advance

Hi ,

use this type of code to get the correct record after research ,It is working for me

void Refresh()


vacationSettlement _vacSettlement;

int64 Recid;



_vacSettlement = VacationSettlement_1_ds.cursor();

Recid = _vacSettlement.RecId;

_vacSettlement = vacationSettlement::findByRecId(recId);