In The form Selected files should move to source folder destination folder

Hi All

I have some xml files in the folder called ‘‘staging area’’.

My requirement is to display all the file names in the form.and then, if the user selects any filenames in the form and if he clicks the button (move) , then selected files should move to another folder(axinbound).

Please help me…

thank u…

What’s the problem you need help with? Displaying file names in a form? Moving files to another folder? Or something else?

Don’t expect that you just give us a requirement and somebody will go develop the whole thing for you. If it’s not important enough for you to start developing, it’s not worth even discussing it.

Sorry for that martin.i thought that if i explain whole thing viewers can understand properly…

my problem is selected files moving to another folder after clicking the move button.

You can use WinAPI::moveFile() if you want to do it on client. If it should run on server, I would look at WinAPIServer::copyFile() and write a similar function for moving files (although you can simply use copyFile() and deleteFile() together).

Hi sir,

I dont know how to capture that selected filenames can you give me any suggestion pls.

How do you display them for selection?

hi sir,

All the filenames i have captured in the table. then from the table i have displayed in the form.

The field name of the table is ‘‘Filename’’.

Iterate selected records of the form data source with MultiSelectionHelper class.

Thanks a lot Martin. I have done it.

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