In report preview blank pages coming between the records

Hello Everyone,

I am facing this issue, i am using two tables in this report and when i preview this report on 1st page i get the records of first table but from 2nd page onwards till 5th page i am getting blank page then from 6th page i get blank page for the second table and then from 7th page i get the data again for second table.

i tried reducing space between the two tables and between the lines of table but nothing happen, i also try to filter the data whose document no. is blank and have their amount equal to zero but this is also not halping me.

Can anybody suggest any solution to this problem. i am attaching the screenshots of the report.


Which version of Navision you are using ???

Is it classic report or RDLC report.

Hi Amol,

I am using Navision 2013 R2.

Look at the following Link

This will help you.

Hi Amol,

Thanks for suggestion, It helped me.[:D][Y]