In Report Mulitelines are not print Only fristy only print

Hi All When i have Generateing report iln my 1 salesorder have more then 2 lines But I got print in report frist line only how can sovle this problema any hekp me

Hi ,

Did u taken SalesTable and SalesLine tables in datasource node or u r sending the datasource through the fetch method.?

  • If u r using datasources in datasource node the make the relations property of saleLine into yes .And set that ur line body’s (In design -->body ) datasource property to 'SalesLine ’

  • If u r sending the datasource in fetch method then make sure to send as

while select SalesLine where SalesLine.SalesId == SalesTable.SalesId




And set the line body’s(In design) datasource property to 'SalesLine ’