In NAV2013 how to recognize blob field is empty or not

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In our 2009 R2 we can recognize by (*) this asterisk in table that specific field is empty or not but in NAV2013 how we can recognize BLOB field is empty or not.

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You want to know via code or in table?

In table it will show picture directly


Can you disclose the contest where you need to check it?

In my opinion NAV 2013 it’s even better than NAV 2009 from this side, since for example when you run a table and a BLOB field is filled, a preview of the picture is shown instead of an asterisk:


Hi Mr. Mohana,

Thanks for prompt response but if we are putting data in blob field through Instream & Outstream like HTML Editior. then it is showing nothing in table.

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Hi Daniele,

In following Picture It’s my page view and all data i feeded through HTML editior.

But when i goes into table its displaying nothing not diagram or any asterisk sign.

This is table view of that record

Kindly check the property of BLOB field Subtype :- It should set to Bitmap

As NAV 2013 shows picture directly in Table

Hi Amol,

This BLOB field contain Html formated data not only image there is also some text.Like this web site HTML editor format.

you can do BLOB.Hasvalue

Good suggestion. Yes by checking the HasValue of the field in the OnAfterGetRecord, then he can assign a “*” value to show in the source of the field. Or a “Yes” and a “lookup” which then shows the full content in html format.