In BC role center page, can you extend and define a shortcut key for actions?

In BC, in the role center pages (like “Order Processor Role Center”) - can you modify and define a shortcutkey?

the below does not seem to work in the role center… are you able to modify and define these?

pageextension 50390 “FLS Order Processor RC Ext” extends “Order Processor Role Center”

    modify(Customers) { ShortcutKey = 'Shift+C'; }   //does not work?
    modify(Vendors) { ShortcutKey = 'Shift+V'; }   //does not work?
    modify(Items) { ShortcutKey = 'Shift+I'; }   //does not work?
    modify("Sales Orders") { ShortCutKey = 'Shift+O'; }   //does not work?

Shift key is the problem… That is reserved for capital case.
Try using other combinations (like Ctrl+Shift+…)

No, it is not possible to modify or define a shortcut key for pages in the role center in Business Central. The code you have provided is used to modify the shortcut keys for actions on pages, but it will not work in the role center. The role center is a predefined page that is part of the Business Central application and cannot be customized beyond what is provided by the application.