In AX2012, how can we link an employee to default site and warehouse

Hi All,

How can we link an employee to default site and warehouse in AX2012 as we do in AX2009. I could find where those fields are available. Please throw somelight.

Also, PR header doesn’t have the financial dimensions but only the PR lines have it…any specific reason?



Hi Santosh,

In the workers record > under Employment tab. These two fields (InventSiteId and InventLocationId) are stored in ‘HcmEmploymentDetail’ table.


Thanks for the reply.I couldn’t find the specified fields on the form and the table too… [:(] . is it because of the version of AX i am using…?. Please let me know if you have latest version than below.

I am using AX2012 Feature pack with below versions.

Kernel version : 6.0.947.862

Application version: 6.0.1108.670

Hi Santosh,

I would have thought these fields would have been visible irrespective of versions.

Double click on an employee; in the detail form look for ‘employment’ navigation pane. These two fields should be visible there.

Update - I tried to insert screen shot of employee detail form with these two fields highlighted. But for some reason the upload failed. But I hope you can find these fields with the above info.

Hello, we are in the same situation were we need to link the employee with a warehouse/site, in our case yes we found table ‘HcmEmploymentDetail’, but the two fields are not there… we checked Human Resources parameters to see if there is something that enable them there… also the modules instalation… but we found nothing. Will be good to know if finally someone knows how to make those two fields available…

Hi Hector / Santosh,

I just noticed that the system I was referring to had modified version of this table. Particularly the two fields I mentioned was manually created. My apologies!

Perhaps if you could not find solution part of standard system, you may want to consider this solution.

Thanks Harish! [Y]

Thanks for the clarification harish, but just creating those two fields will not be enough for us to make it like the way it works in AX2009. something like when a PR and PO are created, bringing the default site and default warehouse from the employee master will need some linkage. Dont know how much effort it takes.

Thanks for the comment and speedy reply [:)]

They were only intended for PR use in AX2009 with the redeisgn of the PR in AX2012 have they put the functionality elsewhere? As you have said they have redesigned the financial dimensions as well. Sorry not an area I have encountered yet (like most of AX2012).