In Ax2012 Home->Role Center throwing error !

When i am browsing EP website the default page throws the below error.Even in Ax rich client also am getting the same error.

Source: Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.ManagedInterop

Exception details:

Data record not found
Data record not found

at Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.ManagedInterop.Record.CallWithReturnType(String methodName, Type returnType, Object[] paramList)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.BusinessConnector.Session.DynamicsRecordAdapter.Call(String methodName)

Following steps are already done but still same error


2.Restarted AOS

3.Client config->BC Config->Config services and refresh and Business Connector is pointing to correct AOS

4.Restarted the AOS service

5.Admin->Enterprise Portal->Deployed Websites,Web Application and Server

6.Generated Incremental CIL

7.Refresh AOD,Data Dictionary and data.

8.Imported the EPDefaultRoleCenter url menu item and Deployed the page definition.


Interesting. I wonder which data record it can’t find… is the default role centre page (the default EP site) modified in any way? Does the Event Viewer on SharePoint machine gives you any other hints about the actual issue?


Did you resolve this issue? I am getting the exact same errors.

@Satya, @David Flippo,

Did you guy resolve this issue? I’m now getting same error. If you have solution for this please help.

Thanks in advance!