in ax 2012 how to purchline for existing po through code ??

hi ,

i am trying to create purchline through code for existing po ,

for this i am increment the line number with “10”,

because this is the unquie and index field so that i am able to create lines for the purchase order

through purchcreateline(false,false,false);

is this wrte way to create ???

if any body knows please help me



Hi , I also want to confirm the same and one more question

When i am using purchline . createline() method i only get Item id , item unit , and item quantity and other assigned values cannot be reflected like purch price etc…

If any body knows please help…

hi ajay ,

u can add how many line u want by simple code



and answer for second question u cannot get the purchprice

Hi Srikanth,

First of thanks for posting on query…

I got one solution regarding the insertion of purchprice in purchlineTable i.e. rather than using purchline.createlines() method

I am directly inserting the record using purchLine.insert () and the requirement got fulfilled … but i want to know that is this the correct way to do this…


as per my knowledge it is not correct , some time u will face an error record already exist , if u uses the direct purchline,insert()